Welcome to Solihull Music School where we are dedicated to help you learn to play music!

We are specialists in teaching music for all ages!

Whether you are a total beginner or have played before, Solihull Music School has a lesson to suit you.

With classes 7 days a week, for adults and children, anyone can start to benefit from the pleasures of making music.

Just one hour a week is all it takes to make a start.


Yamaha Music in Solihull

Our teachers are constantly learning, developing their teaching skills and receive the most up to date courses that teach them how to teach and get the best out of each student.


Year in year out we strive to exceed our student expectations. 


We pride ourselves that all our teachers are trained to teach Yamaha Music Lessons, attending regular Master Classes, which ensure there is continuity of learning the recognised, structured and graded Yamaha Method.   Added to this all our Staff, including our admin support, are CRB/DBS Certified, for the total peace of mind of Parents and Students alike.


We provide each student with a one hour, group lesson on the instrument of choice, once per week for 44 weeks of the year, or provide students learning individually with a half hour lesson, once per week/fortnight for 44/22 weeks of the year.


We ensure that all our staff have enhanced DBS (CRB) clearance. Certification is available to view outside our studios.


We offer an optional, accredited examination syllabus, with examinations taking place on site 2/3 times per annum.


We facilitate learning with state of the art instruments in clean, comfortable, designated studios.


We encourage every student with merits for practice and Certificates and Prizes for collecting merits.


We offer a clean, comfortable waiting room for students and parents alike.


We offer eight weeks holiday (plus Bank Holidays) every year and display a full school calendar on our website, as well as in school.


We provide video recordings of all group lessons, which are uploaded to our online Portal.  This means no lessons are missed through illness or absence and can be accessed outside the normal “live” lesson time and, of course, as an aid to examination revision.

A Fantastic Learning Environment

The vast majority of our lessons are taught in groups.


Group learning has proved to be fundamental to gaining a much broader range of musical skills than is possible through one-to-one tuition.


In every lesson students get the opportunity to play together. Not only is this highly motivational, it is also critical to developing the ability to listen and interact with the performance of other students. We offer a limited number only of one-to-one lessons for this reason.


All group lessons are taught in sets appropriate to age and stage achieved, from total beginner to Grade 8/Diploma.

We are Specialists in Teaching...

  • From Elton John to Jamie Cullem, let the keyboard light up your musical tastebuds!

  • A band would be incredibly boring without the sight and sound of rhythm.

We are specialists in teaching music for all ages!

My name is Kate Bailey and I'm the Principal Teacher.


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Solihull Music School specialises in teaching both youngsters and adults the joys of learning to play.


We are recognised as one the country’s most modern facilities (the largest independent music school in the locality) where students, of all ages, learn on insitu, state-of-the-art instruments in properly designed and designated studios, from fully trained teachers.


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