Welcome to Solihull Music School!

If you, or your child, would like to start learning music (or continue a musical education) you really will not find a better environment, better teaching standards or better value than Solihull Music School.


We are so confident that you will agree, that we offer regular FREE TASTER LESSONS for beginners and FREE ASSESSMENTS for improvers contact us for more information or register below for a taster lesson.

This gives us the opportunity of demonstrating not only the fun of learning the Yamaha way, but also the very high quality of musical education that we offer. 


Please click on one of the disciplines below to watch a virtual taster lesson and use the form further down the page to register. 


Learning is fun and engaging, we follow all social distancing guidelines (this video was made before lockdown).


When we teach drumming we have a unique approach that helps to master the basics. 


Guitar solos are made after the foundations are laid... We're the best at building them!

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